Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bonkers joins the crew

Been awhile since I last posted. Sorry I know, unfortunately with three boys, I just simply dont always have the time Id like to, to actually write down whats happening. Been so busy lately we even decided to throw a fur baby in the mix. Lol. We were told we couldn't have a dog but we could have a cat?? Make sense right? Ah, the joys of renting...well I love animals but I will say cats are not my first pick. Sorry. But after some thought and a few mice we caught in the house. Yes mice, Im petrified for lack of a better word. We decided why not? Right? So we set out to adopt our fur ever friend from the spca cats at the local petsmart. I fell in love with an adult male cat, Siamese mix with the coolest bright blue eyes. His temperament with our boys is unbelievable. He is so calm with them, he loves the attention and when he's had enough he just hides. So Im thinking this cat is a perfect fit. And, the older two boys can use some responsibility in caring for an animal. Lol. Little did I know Timothy would have some learning to do too, before we left the store, Timothy ask my hubby, "Daddy, How are we going to teach him to go potty in the toilet?" Curious little booger. Oh and then at the check out he tells me, "Mommy I think the kitty would like to eat some ice cream." So, yeah, Im now thinking in my head, this is going to be fun... Thankfully, Timothy is doing well with his new friend. Well, other than the trail of dry I keep finding around the house where he has tried to hand feed the cat. Lol. Fun times. I wish I could say he is a really useful cat that catches mice, but actually, I think he is only could for two things eating and sleeping. He is the absolute laziest cat I have ever seen, at least until everyone goes to bed at night. We named him Bonkers, a spin off of his original name Bucky. He supposedly was given to the spca because his owner died. Hope to post more soon. Here are pics of our new fur ball friend. :)