Saturday, October 17, 2015

Birthdays Again!

We officially have a teenager in our home! I really don't know where the time went, it's crazy! My middle son is officially in the double digits now too! We wanted to make their birthdays kinda special, so Dad decided he would take each of them out to eat just one on one at their restaurant of choice. My oldest picked an all you can eat buffet type restaurant. Of, course what 13yr old boy doesn't want buffet, right? My other son picked Olive garden and decided him and his dad should dress up for the occasion. It was just too cute, or handsome...sorry, handsome. They're not cute anymore. Lol. They each did some shopping with Dad and spent their birthday money.

Since, Taylor was turning 13, I figured it needed to be a little more special. We through him a surprise birthday with a few friends and such. It was a hit! To top that Sunday, we celebrated both their birthdays with the families. Grilled out, played ball, just had a nice time and beautiful weather.

Pics below! And yes, I actually made those cakes, which if you know me that was a feat.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Unexpected Home buying..

We recently had an unexpected journey...well unexpected to us but God obviously knew what he was doing.

We had been planning on moving next spring, our home had issues, it was a really small space we had out grown quickly, but we wanted our finances in line first.

Well, unexpectedly our Landlord told us the property is selling and it would be highly advisable to be out asap. (3 weeks or so) We knew the property was on the market, but none of us expected that.

So, not wasting any time we start looking at apartments, rental homes, etc...and we were led to a well established mobile home park. The owner asked if we'd considered buying? Well, we had but didn't think our credit and such would make it a fesiable goal just yet. After looking at more homes, and a unexpected financial blessing (we will call that blessing #1) that more than covered the down payment cost. We started the buying process for a brand new 3bed/2bath home.

Let me back up a bit, before all this even took place we had already told the boys we would be moving next spring, so as a family we needed to be in prayer for where God would have us, and that they could pray for things they may want too. At this same time we had been doing a video devotional serious on prayer. Some of there prayers, were a neighborhood with kids there age, park nearby, and that we could get a dog. So, they were fervently praying for these things with spring in mind. As for me and the hubs, it was more practical, close to both our jobs and church, affordable, 3 bedrooms, etc, not above and beyond but a home that would generally meet our needs.

We quickly got a reply from the finance company saying we were approved. Whoo-who! The term was great, price was affordable (cheaper than our rent)...blessing #2! The home is in a neighborhood, right across from a park, we can have pets, equal distance between jobs, closer to church, meets our needs, you see where I going with this...God heard our prayers.

Now, still...we had to be out of the house quickly, and supposedly this finace company was known for not moving quickly. We continue praying, submit all our paperwork requested, and in one weeks time. We get a call from the mobile home Park office: everything looks good, finance company just drawing up the contract. Yeah! Should be another week or so...okay, cutting it close, but God knows, he promises to provide for his children, and I have faith it's in his hands. Blessing #3: email from finance company, dropped home price, $5,000, and home owners insurance which was in with our mortgage ended up being a little cheaper, so quoted monthly payment is 25.00 less a month than originally agreed upon. Let's say that's blessing #4.

Now, we're packing, cleaning, waiting and here comes blessing #5, three days literally! Phone rings: Lady at office, " You're not going to believe this, I have everything here, can yall be here tomorrow to close?" Wait, what...really...already???? The lady comments to me, "Yall must really lead a blessed life, because I've never seen things move so quickly and smoothly." At this point, I'm so humbled I really don't know what to say.

As we go thru the home buying process, we have really made it a learning experience for our boys. Everything to how the bank loans you money, why you need good credit, and how it all works. It's getting really fun watching there expressions as we move along.

Closing day, thankfully they acted as the title company and have a notary on hand so that was one less wait we had. We bring the boys with us to close on the home, watch them in excitment has they hand us the keys, and amazingly enough they were so well behaved, I didn't really think they were my children.  Seriously.  We also paid up a few months on our lot rent, since we had that blessing in the beginning, and paid our pet deposit. (We already had a cat) and Boom, we just bought our first home!!

Of course God saw us through so first things first we praise him! We go over to our new home, hold hands and pray as a family for the first time in our house. Then, we leave go celebrate at our favorite Mexican food place and get to packing! The boys were eager to spend the night in our new place, so that night we literally camped out in our new home. Good memories!

So, that should be the end right?? Oh, but no. When God moves mountains and you're faithfull to him he blesses abundantly.

Unknown, to my hubs he would then switch jobs, after a cut in hours at his job, he began exploring options. God provided him a job in walking distance from our home with a better pay, (blessing #6) since then he has already received another raise on top of that.

If that wasn't enough...just last week, the lady from the office calls and tells my hubs, "I need you to come by when you can.." so, after work he stops by, and she says, "I'm really not sure what I was thinking, you bought your home. You didn't owe a pet deposit." (Now in my head I had thought that was odd, but we pay a lot fee, so I didn't really question it.) We told her to add it toward our lot fee, instead of a refund. So, as of right now, we have no lot fee until January! Blessing #7. God is good!