Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Little man.

Well, my little man is four! I really cant believe it. Seems we have ditched the baby stage and are moving on up. Lol. Officially a big boy. (Tear) I love this little guy so much, it has been such a joy to watch him learn and grow. He is coming right along in his schooling. We are currently working on letter sounds and writing letters. He is doing great. He can write his name and knows some sounds. My goal is to have him know all his letter sounds before August so when we start back next year he should be kindergarten ready, a little early I know, but we can always take our time.

 My husband said, the one thing he always got growing up was a cookie cake for his birthday every year. So this year we decided we would start the tradition with ours, Timothy got his first cookie cake, which he absolutely loved. Of course, his new found love is baking and cooking shows. It's comical, I had a show on the Tv the other day, and thinking I was the only one watching I turn the channel only for him to say, "No Mommy, I have to see who makes the best cupcakes.." lol. Seriously. Who knows maybe I have a little baker on my hands...never know.:)

Christmas shopping

It seems I have been neglecting my blog again. Sorry. I'm going to try to get caught up, may make a few pages today. Well, I guess let me start...The boys finished their Awanas at Church. The last day they had a store where they cashed in all the bucks they had collected and went "shopping." My oldest two had over $100 earned. The neatest thing about this was they could buy anything, Christmas gifts for Mom, Dad, Siblings...or spend it on themselves. So each kid went in the "store" with a teenager helper, shopped. (No parents allowed) and then went into another room and got help wrapping their gifts. It was so cute. All my boys came home with gifts for each other and us. I just really thought that was special, they worked really hard earning badges and memorizing scripture to collect their money and then when they had the chance to spend it they all selflessly spend it on others. Such a greatful heart they have. I know they thoroughly enjoyed watching us open their presents and us having no idea what we were getting. Good stuff too, pot holders, dish rags, hand soap, necklace and body wash...There willingness to give really made me proud. That in itself was enough.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wanted: Real Men (gentlemen)

So, I've been thinking. Trying to get us out of this little funk we've got ourselves into. Things are going better. I honestly think, sometimes it's just finding a balance and keeping it. I find myself trying so hard to push the academics that I leave off the character building part of schooling. Obviously, when I slack in the area of enforcing respect, good behavior, manners, everything else goes haywire. Don't get me wrong education is important, but in order for my boys to be successful they need to be well rounded, meaning they need to know their manners, have respect for others, know how to be a true gentlemen. (The only daughter I'm getting is a future daughter in law, so I better make sure they pick a good one. Right?)
I was speaking to my hubby the other day, it seems boys now days are turning so "girly" or maybe feminine is the correct word. *eyeroll* now don't get me wrong I'm all for boys knowing how to show emotion, being caring and compassionate, but what I see lacking is real men. Men that are leaders of the home, providers, hard workers, tentative to their family and children, or Lord forbid they open a door for a lady, wash dishes, or (gasp) actually mow the lawn!
I came across this article in perfect timing, it sums up so much of how I feel right now.

Don't you get it?
One of these days there is going to be some woman loving your son.. He is gonna need to know how to treat her. You better be showing him what it means to have CHARACTER!
To do the right thing at the right time..
To hold a job. To provide for his family. To be a parent to the children he spawns..
And to think that it will all suddenly happen when he needs it.. He will "learn as he goes" is Not gonna happen!
If you don't teach him who will?

American folklore is full of stories of men who seemed larger than life. John Henry and Casey Jones - heroes of the railroad era. Paul Bunyan with his swinging ax. David Crockett and the Alamo, Daniel Boone and the Kentucky wilderness, and a host of western personalities - all big and strong and physically impressive.
But physical strength alone does not equal manhood.
In his classic novel, Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck presents a character who has the body and the muscle tone of a man. In fact, he is an exceptionally strong man. But his mind is that of a child. He cannot think and he cannot grasp abstract and complex ideas. His physique alone does not qualify him for manhood.

A simple glance around and you know that all the rich, all the leaders, all the powerful and the important are not necessarily blessed with manhood. Some are thieves. Some are liars. Some are cheats. Some are cowards. Some are hypocrites. Some are adulterers.
Bernard Madoff, the former respected chairman of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, bilked investors out of more than $50 billion and ushered in The Ponzi Economy. He lived like a king in series of billion dollar residences but today exists in the disgrace and bleakness of a prison cell, awaiting sentencing, at age 71.
Preachers and teachers and world leaders whose reputation was formerly impeccable, today live in the aftermath of the crime and shame of moral bankruptcy.

Parenthood can come within moments: manhood is a long, tedious process of growth. Parenthood can be the result of a simple, instinctive, biological act - without thought, or planning, or experience, or counting the cost. But manhood demands thorough application of all the mental processes and all the moral fiber one possesses.

Manhood does not whine or whimper.
It does not make excuses for what it knows itself to be.
It does not rationalize. 
It does not blame circumstances. 
It does not blame other people or fate or bad luck or the roll of the dice. 
It does not blame society, either (whatever that may mean).
Manhood does not quibble over the frivolous and the unimportant. 
It does not dream away its days thinking of the uncharted future, nor does it become immobilized with shame for the unchangeable past.
Manhood puts away childish things. It develops attitudes of maturity toward itself, toward others, and toward the basic issues of life.
Manhood shoulders and carries without complaint the full sack of responsibilities associated with maturity. By its very nature, manhood requires the forgetting of self and the acceptance of others. Husbands are responsible for their wives. Fathers are responsible for their children.
Along with proper attitudes and a sense of responsibility, manhood is also characterized by action. A man must be able to act. Opportunities are like arrows upon the wind. They move swiftly. They appear only for a moment and then they are gone. They are not for philosophizing about, they are not for discussing, they are not always for evaluation and calculating.
Opportunities are for seizing. Opportunities are the challenge to manhood.
And only men – real men – are up to their speed and their promise.
The world needs men. The community needs men. The church needs men – real men.

Real manhood is a simple task carried through to completion; 
the rendering of an honest day's work; the keeping of a trust; 
the returning of love unselfishly and without demanding payback.
The rewards of real manhood are myriad - the touch of a child's hand; 
the soft brush of a wife's lips; 
  the relaxed atmosphere of his own den;  these are only a few of the rewards of manhood.

We need – we must have – more REAL MEN with guts and  a backbone to take a stand in the midst of a gainsaying world

I know I can't guarantee that my boys will turn into real men, but I can try my best to equip them while they're still young so maybe as adults they will hold tight to the instruction and values we have done our best to teach them. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Funk phase! It happens...

This week has been, well not our best. I'm just in a bit of a funk. Sorry I'm honest. This night shift working in between homeschooling has got the best of me, put me in a little bit of lazy mood. The boys do their studies wonderfully and sometimes a little to independently. Nolan is finally grasping multiplication. Thank the Lord, I was fixing to bang my head upside the wall. Just one of my frustrations this week. Ugh. He knows math, he just second guesses himself. It's getting better. I love my boys but I think I have been so focused on the school aspect, I have neglected the character building aspect of homeschooling. One of my main reasons for schooling them. To raise respectable, polite little men. So right now I have an 11 yr old who I believe is hitting preteen hormones, he wants to argue with me now. It's hard he is such a sweet kid, but it's like he is fighting a little battle within himself. After he acts up he immediately beats himself up about it and I can't get enough hugs from him for him to understand, it's ok. We all do wrong at times, we forgive and forget then move on. Nolan has taken the bossy role his brother has let go of and the baby is well the baby! Lol. We're just in a weird phase right now. Sorry for my rant of complaints! Lol. Just know we are a normal family with everyday issues like anyone else. So today we have a free day! Veg out watch movies together while it's cold out. Momma's gonna reevaluate somethings to change this funk. Going to have Thanksgiving this weekend with the family, and then we will get back in the groove. :)

Did you know homeschooling mom's are most likely to give up during the months of November and February. (Read that in another blog).

Happy thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

New friendships.

Just truckin along in our studies...Taylor is starting to show a real interest in space this year, which is kind of cool. Hoping we can plan a field trip to a local observatory soon. His creative writing is coming full circle this year. I found a new book called writing on target. It is super helpful for him, it just breaks down the story writing. First you read an example, then fill in the parts of the story your writing. (Topic, problem, events, close and intro.) Next you add detail to each section, then write the.whole story elaborating further and last you proofread and edit. A week for each story. It has excellent prompts for him to write about. Right now he has written personal stories, non fiction and fiction. Nolan is taking a liking to geography this year. I love watching them explore new things. Well besides the book work we are steady making friendships, me included. Last week Timothy had a play date and a another homeschooling mother joined us, she has two boys 6 & 8. Our boys hit it off so well with them. And really me with her, she's uses the same curriculum we use. Her teaching style is similar and she was really able to shed some light on things for me. I gave her some suggestions as was super helpful. I told her halfway thru talking I know why our two 8yrs olds are getting along because your struggles your telling me about are the same struggles I have with mine. Love it. We have plans for a picnic at the park this week. This really was such a boost for me at just the right time.
Oh one more thing, one of the helpers in Taylor's Awanna class at Church stated all the kids have decided that Taylor's only ahead because he is homeschooled. Lol. I don't force him to work on his work at home and mostly he works on it at night, but hey, think what they want. Some of the kids are telling him how cool it is that he is homeschooled and they want to be homeschooled too, of course I'm sure they have no idea what homeschooling entails, but hey works for me! :-)

Monday, November 4, 2013

General News

Homeschooling is just going, not to much overly exciting in the homeschool world. We did go to the pumpkin patch paint pumpkins and two fall festivals for a little trick or treating.
On a side note...some may know but we moved churches once again about a couple months back. We had been in one church for  5+ yrs, it was good church, just losing sight of God's will and purpose for a Church. (Not trying to bad mouth) We moved to a fellow church that was small and trying to grow. Great church great people, just a lack of kids and outreach. After a lot of prayer we decided the children really needed to be somewhere they could make friendships and be challenged. We hunted around and God led us to a southern Baptist church very similar to the same church I grew up in. We joined a month ago, probably been there two months now and the boys love it. They have a Sunday night program of what they call Awanna (Approved workmen are not ashamed) for those who don't know it it a program set where the kids all learn scripture, memorize, learn how to apply it to their life, they earn badges throughout the years and have vest/ shirts to sport their accomplishments on. They also have big group competitions and such. So new to us, my oldest Taylor is flying through his book. He has two pages left and he will have completed the whole 5th grade workbook! It's not even Thanksgiving yet! He can't move ahead so now he will go back and complete the 3rd and 4th grade books. Reason being he can earn badges missed in those books to add to his, also if he continues Awanna up through 12th grade and goes to a Baptist College they will honour his completion and he would be granted a $3000 scholarship. Now that's cool. This applies to all my boys if they stick with it and decide to go to College. I'm not forcing that upon them by any means, but either way it's cool to think about. Nolan is doing super well in his class too. Its just so gratifying to me to see them eager to learn about God and be challenged in his word. Seriously, they put me to shame in their Bible smarts.

I have to say this church is such a blessing to us. It's so nice to see a genuine love for people and a willingness to serve, not a forced because your a member you must teach a class or do this and that. Simply, causes a lot of bitter church people going and serving in church for all the wrong reasons.

My husband put this as his status the other day: " I rather be around someone who only goes to Church once a week and has a good attitude than someone who goes to Church every time the doors are open in a bitter spirit." Food for thought!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October days...

Sorry, I know it has been awhile since I last posted, not sure how much is about homeschooling in this post, but I'll just update you on how our October days have been. Well we celebrated two birthdays, I now have an eleven year old and a eight year old. We spent the day at Chuck e Cheese celebrating. I am so proud of my boys in watching the young men they are turning into. I'm so blessed I'm speechless. Now I need to work on that three year old. Lol. He's the baby and a little too spoiled by everyone. Anyway, Nolan finished his baseball season. They placed 3rd in their tournament. Super proud, though I will say we had a ump make a call and then the home plate ump changed the call after the other teams coach whined about it, that call cost us the game, and essentially kept us from placing 1st. Hard "life's not fair" lesson for seven yr old boys to understand. Still though they lost by one run to a select team. Our boys worked so hard, it especially has been fun watching my child learn his position (1st base) grow, and put his whole heart into competing. Believe me his uniform shows every bit of dirt from slides into home plate to grass stains chasing balls, a dent in his bat proves his multiple homeruns. For all the times he looses focus during school time, I now know the incredible focus he is capable of and the limits he can be pushed and still succeed. Taylor plays in the spring, hopefully his newest friend is going to play on his team. I never believed their was another kid who knew and loved baseball as much as he did. I believe he has met his match or his mini me one. Either way it is total joy watching him build friendships. On another note Taylor is flying thru his Bible class at Church, he is memorizing scripture, studying, all the time without being asked, his teacher told me how impressed they all are with him. :) These last few months I can honestly say I can see real positive growth in him. I believe he is gaining confidence in his own self and is really letting his best qualities shine, I'm trying not to hold my breath, I know hormones and teen yrs are just around the corner. Nolan is blossoming too, I have seen a more tender hearted side of him lately too, caring for his brother who was sick yesterday to making sure after the line drive he hit in baseball that hit the pitcher in the back of the head was ok after the game and praying for that boy that evening. I'm loving it all. Not to forget little Timothy, he had his first real play date with a friend from church. They had such a good time we played at McDonald's for over two hours. I know he tags along a lot with his brother's so it's nice to throw in some special time just for him. Well lunch is over so back to work I go....promise I'll try not to wait so long before I post again.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Do my kid's love homeschooling?

I was talking to one of the mom's at my son's baseball game, and she told me she was homeschooled. I have to say I have met several people who homeschool but none that had actually been homeschooled themselves. Amazingly enough she also was schooled with the same curriculum up till high school. I haven't got the chance to hear her full story but I do know she loved homeschooling and wanted to homeschool her children too. She didn't only because her husband wasn't on board. Respectfully, if I know anything about homeschooling, I know I wouldn't dare do it without my husband's support. This lady is one of the sweetest on the team, kind of quiet, polite, not all in the "drama, have to be seen attitude that most mom's on our team seem to have." Just a real joy to be around, her boy on the team...cutest thing ever, so polite and we'll mannered. Should have known. Lol. Well, talking with her really got me thinking...what will my kid's think about homeschooling when there older? Will they homeschool their own children? Will they regret it? Feel deprived? Not that I'm going to change my mind, depending on what I think, just curious in general. I read some recent studies where something like 92% of homeschoolers were glad they were homeschooled. (Pic below) Right now my boys love it, I do always try to ask not that I would stop homeschooling but if it were, I want more friends, want to play an instrument, or something, I can always accommodate for those things so they are happy and I'm happy. I love the close family bond we have with each other I always try to be open that the boys can voice their opinions and have a say in what goes on as much as possible. I found some other stats that I already knew, but still wanted to share. A bit of encouragement if you will. Happy reading.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

My hubby "The Coach"

I have to admit, this homeschool stuff is a little trial and error sometimes. I decided to back track a little with Taylor in math, this year. He was using Abeka, which many know, is known for being a little more advanced. Taylor did well, with it, he seemed to grasp the concepts quickly, but he wouldn't remember them. It started causing a lot of frustration for me and him. So this year I really wanted to take things slow, and really master the skills then rushing through, just to stay on track. So far, it is going really good. So good, that I'm thinking, this is too easy, and maybe this wasn't the best decision. I had been pondering this in my head, wondering if this was the right move or not. So, later this evening, after Nolan's baseball practice the hubby and I were talking. He comments, "I think the other coaches are finally starting to see what I'm talking about." Me, nodding, (as if I was really paying attention with a three year old playing in every dirt pile he can find and a ten year old running all over the ball fields with his new found friend.) He continues talking, "the little boys like to swing at high pitches, if the coach will pitch it at chest-neck level they hit it every time. Apparently, they had a healthy debate with old school grandpa coach, replying "yeah, but they need to learn to hit the low ones too," my hubby continues on, "See, first you gotta pitch it where they like it as they build their confidence in batting and getting hits, they'll will swing at the other stuff. If you always make them swing and they always miss, they are just going to be discouraged and not swing as much".Hmmm, all ears just what I needed to hear. The little light bulb went on in my head, lol. That's what I need to keep doing with Taylor, build his confidence in his math so as it gets harder, he will be less frustrated and more confident to try new concepts. Thanks hubby, or should I say coach! :-)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bragging a little. Don't mind me.

Well, fall ball is in full swing and this is the first year for my seven year old to play baseball on a team. I knew he had his Dad's athletic ability, but I never dreamed how much. Wow, I mean let me tell you this kid is amazing! He has been playing first base, he has only missed about two balls that have come his way, already hit two home runs,  several singles and doubles,it's crazy. The coaches love him. He was told he could play on a select team. We aren't going to let him, but we will be bumping him up an age bracket straight to kid pitch. He already has a good fastball for his age too. Not sure if he would pitch yet though. In the mix of all this, my husband accidentally called our oldest son's coach and in talking he really would like to have him on the team too. We talked to the boys about them possibly playing on the same team, and they both loved the idea. (I was concerned about a little jealousy.) Not, sure if we will do it or not, but we are giving it some serious thought. My oldest is a good player, but he has my athletic ability, which is so/so. He can be a good player but it does not come naturally to him.

I do have to brag on him too though, are baseball fields are volunteer run, so they are not the best, cleanest fields. It's sad for the boys really, they look forward to playing in other towns then playing at their own home field. So My oldest was bored during practice and I suggested to him to maybe pick up some of the litter. So I'm sitting on the bleachers talking with the mom's giving my whole " We homes school spill" I was desperately trying to avoid. And one of the mom's says, is that your son? Of course I look over and he is steady cleaning up the trash. Then, I get the comments like, "you should be so proud." "My son would never do that," or "Can I send my kids home with you?" Y'all I'm really not trying to brag, my kid's are not perfect but in that moment, it was all I could do to not gleam on the inside, not to mention, my other son with the constant yes sir's to the coach, apparently no one says that any more. I have to say we have our day's but, I couldn't be more proud of them. Yes, we go against the grain, yes we stand out at times, but I'm perfectly happy with being the odd ball, if these are the results I get. Love, love, love, my boys.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Baseball ready

Had a good friend of ours come over and take some estimates on some electric work we needed done. Unaware, he brought his two grandsons with him. It has been along time since we had seen them. They are both the same age as our to oldest two so it did'nt take long for them to have a good game of baseball going. Of course then it was time for them to leave. So, when he came back to comete the work of course they wanted to tag along. Cooler in hand full of drinks, baseball bats, gloves...Those boys played all day! From outside, in their room, video games, watching the baseball stats on tv. It was quite entertaining having a house full of boys. I think I just got a glimmer of what it will be like in a few years when they're all teenagers taking over the place. I love it though. Finally found out my middle son will play his first year of baseball on the Tornadoes. This team has been together since t-ball and is well established. Hoping that means we may have a good winning team. He is so excited, though he did say, "Mom, please don't embarass me." lol. Sorry, buddy if you play ball your momma's gonna cheer! I have too. It's my job. I just love watching them play interact and learn some good discipline. Let alone getting to hang out with other kids not just homeschoolers. Not that I dont love other homeschoolers, I just love them getting to be around all kinds of people. Taylor plays in the fall with his same team and Timothy is likely going to play t-ball. Got to work with him though he always seems to think you run to third first. Oh well, such a fun age.

The world around us.

Went to Costco the other day and found these huge laminated maps (2ft x4ft) One of the USA and one of the World. A bargain for 15.00. I've never seen them that cheap. Then as were checking out the lady in front of us is eyeballing them, we start talking. Us homeschoolers can spot each other out from a distance. We are always the ones teaching everywhere we go. Yes, even the grocery store! Our reccent lessons are learning the value of a dollar. I have my oldest mostly looking at prices and totaling the cart. My middle son is responsible for the grocery list. Of, course the highlight is always when they guess the total at the register and caculate the change. Oh..and of course that moment when the cashier looks at your child puzzled, like "how'd you figure that out?" And of course my favorite response....a big grin followed with a "Yes, we homeschool."Lol. It's so cool getting to see other homeschoolers out and about. I believe homeschooling is a growing trend that will only continue. Got our maps put up in the living room, I just said what the hey with the home decor. We are limited in space, and I want a learning enviroment as much as possible for them. So far Timothy has told me everywhere he wants to travel and he is remembering the names of countries.(pretty awesome for a three yr old) Nolan has mapped out where Christopher Columbus sailed and will learn all the states and capitals this year. Taylor is learning world history this year, so they will be super handy for him. Let alone him and my hubby plan on tracking hurricanes. (my little weather men). Taylor has also been curious of alot of current events taking place, like mapping Syria and all the seas we currently have ships in. So fun to use that as a teaching moment to explain about other countries, the way they live their governments and to be greatful for this country we live in and the freedoms we currently have. I have to say, sometimes I under estimate that 5th grader of mine. I'm starting to believe I'am truly not smarter than a fifth grader! Seriously....this is the first year I have had to order teacher keys for all his subjects. This momma just can't wing it anymore.

In the pic: Taylor trying to find different rivers in the world.

The problem with school...

So, I was reading the other day and I have come to the conclusion the real problem in schools today is not what or how they're teaching, but the mentality people have of it.
From teaching to pass a standardized test, or teaching to make good grades, go to college. Politians to Parents seem to have the same is to give my child an education, a starter point for whatever career path they choose. However, this is half true. I believe were missing the point, it's not just about an education, school is about training them for their whole future. From careers, managing money, manners, family, etc... School is about training our children for life. Wether you homeschool or have children in public school, we cannot seperate the two. Education and life go together. You don't stop learning on the weekends or afterschool. We are constantly taking in information and learning. If you send your child to school learning has to be a joint effort the teacher and the parent. To often society seperates the two expecting the school to teach them what they need to know. As parents it is our responsibility to continue teaching them. Parents have got to get involved. It saddens me a little to see so many parents disconnected from their children.We must grasp this concept! America as a whole is failing it's children and not just the schools are to blame. Before homeschooling, I probably would have never thought much about this, as a homeschooling mother it is probably one of the biggest things I have learned. Every moment is a teaching moment. Literally. Grocery stores, zoos, parks, library, museums, we read and investigate everything. Reading = Learning =Knowledge =Power = Sucess!

Just found this tidbit, Did you know the
Owner of McDonald's
Founder of Wendy's Dave Thomas
Colonel Sandders of KFC
Founder of New York Times
Owner of Bank of America
Joseph Pultizer (Pultizer prize)
Founder of Honda

were all homeschooled! That does'nt even conclude all the Presidents that were homeschooled and tons of others! Proof it works! Well, thats my two cents for today.

Our general routine...

A normal school day in our home.

Starts off around 8am, we eat breakfast do our morning routine. My boys make their own breakfast and usually their little brother's. (cereal, toast, oatmeal) while I'm getting dressed. Sorry, I'm just one of those mom's who can't stay in her pj's all day no matter how hard I try. You say lazy mom, I say independent children and little helpers. Very handy. lol.

We start school around 830-9am. My oldest starts a little earlier, he is my early bird. So normaly, I have boys sprawled out on the living room floor, background music (contemporary christian) and little boys diligently working. I start them with Bible and then the subjects they can do independently like reading, spelling, cursive. While they do that I work with little bit on his easy peasy and workbooks. He's three so it's no pressure just whatever learning makes him happy. Sometimes we do alot, somedays we just do a letter and a sound. After this Timothy usually free plays either in his room or next to me with his writing tablet he loves. He's my artist. Then I go between Nolan and Taylor teaching the subjects they need help with like, language, math, science, & history. Ex: I teach a new math concept to Taylor, then he works a couple on his own while I show Nolan. We go back and forth like this until lunch. If one child is really struggling in an area we put that subject aside untill later in the day when we can focus on it together with fewer interuptions or I have one child take a break so I have a little extra time to teach one on one.

We normally finish all our subjects, (Bible, Language, Science, History, Math, Cursive, Spelling/Vocabulary, Reading and Phonics for Nolan) by lunch. We eat lunch and then the boys alternate free time while I grade and check off all their assignments.

Afternoon we workout, play outside, dance on the wii, whatever we feel like for the day, sometimes go to the park.

Sometime in the afternoon they have chore card responsibilites to do, when those are complete, they are officially done for the day and welcome to their beloved video games.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our "Not back to school day."

So I had this idea, since we homeschool and don't really get to do all the back to school things other kids do. I had intentions of starting our own tradition. So, on the first day of school for all the public school kids, I decided we would have a "Not back to school day." Lol. More or less just a free day to maybe go to the park or something. I love the days when most kids are at school and we kinda have free roam to things. Just a perk! Well, seeing as I have a son no names (Taylor) who has his mother's grace. We spent our morning/lunch....most of the day in the dentist office repairing a chipped front tooth! (Clumsy) good times. Fortunately he just barely knicked the nerve so they were able to do a filling for now. In three yrs he has to have a root canal and a crown put on. I know he is super relieved though. I guess were reaching the age we worry about our self image and he was'nt very fond of that chipped tooth. Lol. Needless to say, our day was more like frosty's at Wendy's and a trip to Toys R us. Maybe next year....*sigh.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Homeschool pics/organizing

Some of the pics, I previously stated I would post. For some reason they would'nt load.

1. Example of our daily assignment.    card
2. Grading/check off log
3. Book log
4. Charater building notebook.

Life Lessons

For those of you who know me or my family we are super big into baseball. We watch my boys play it, hubby played it in highschool/college. It is probably one of are favorite past times. (well, except the three yr old. Hes coming around though. :)) I did'nt realize how much the boys don't just listen to the game, but the media that follows it. We are BIG Texas Rangers fans, and my favorite player Nelson Cruz just so happens to be one at the center of allegations for steroid abuse. So, unknown to me my oldest Taylor ask me, "Mom, why did he have to do drugs?" my middle son Nolan chimes in too, "Mom, what are drugs?" Wow. Talk about a teaching moment. We really had a heart to heart, from drugs, integrity, making good decisions, to honesty and ultimately forgiveness to those who make mistakes. These are some of the topics you always wonder how your going approach with your children. So, thankful I get to be able to teach them about the world around them good and bad and hopefully direct them down the right path. It is so rewarding to use these little life lessons as huge teaching moments with my boys.

Friday, August 16, 2013

First week back, sucess.

Yeah, Week one of homeschooling done and I am so thrilled with the results! Let me start I'm still waiting on books to arrive so we are doing review work right now, just gettin in the groove. On the nights I work and Im in my super zombie sleep deprived mode I always take an index card and write assignments on them, I had done this most of last year so this year I decided I was going to do this every night for them along with a few extras. That way they can get up in the morning and get started with or without me. I have an early bird who gets up an hr or so before everyone else. Infact wed morning at 830 he was more than half way through with his assignments and made his own breakfast, I had just started making coffee. Lol. So this week I spent 10-15 each night putting assignments together. So far it's genius. Im finding that my boys are great self motivaters and love feeling in control of their school work. Next I made each of them a binder "brain" with a reading log so they are responsible for documenting what they read for the year (rewards included) as well as a check off list so each day there expected to check off what they have done and then I check it off, we do corrections  and log their grades in. (Posting pics below so you can get an idea). So far it is working well. I also have a spiral inside their binders where we are working on some character building. Seems to be an area we need a little more work in. So for instance this week it was responsibility or responsible. Monday- they wrote the def. Tues-drew a pic of someone doing something responsible. Wed- copy a Bible verse to go with. Thur- write ways you can be responsible. Fri- free day other than test. My plan is to do a different one each week and keepsake the pictures and such, sort of like a journal. How has your week been anything new and exciting??

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fun with Little bit.

This week we sent the two oldest boys to a neighboring Churches VBS. Taylor has a few friends he played baseball with there, and seeing as we had promised them they could go to a different one and then had a change of plans that week. This week has been so great for them. They have made friends, had fun, learned, not to mention Momma's had a little break. Hehe. Timothy is to young to go and Daddy got ahead with work so the first few days, we spent some quality time with Timothy. He never gets one on one time like that so it was refreshing for all of us. I think he is getting a little spoiled though. Oh well. He has run errands with Dad, gotten treats, breakfast at McDonald's, park, helped me at home, let alone having the house to himself to play. I have thourghly enjoyed my special time with him alone. He is learning so quickly and so eager to discover new things, It's awesome. I love watching them learn and grow at this age. Got school supplies this week and reorganized all my homeschool shelves and cubbies. Timothy has his own section too, and of course new colors, markers, and such. He is so excited feeling like a big boy. He is always asking me if he can do his "preschool" lol. I love it. Doing some workbooks with him, and the beginners part of easy peasy homeschool ( ). It's new to me, but so far I like what I see not to mention it's free. Easy peasy goes up through high school, so may venture that way later on with the oldest. Sticking to my original plan for this year. MCP math, Abeka for language/reading and Christian liberty for the other subjects. Nolan will be doing 3rd grade History and Science this year. 2nd in his other subjects. I love how you can move at their pace in homeschooling, no sense in waiting. Right?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My own worst enemy.

I am my own worst enemy. Lol. No really, I am. I have always been a goal setter, always set expectations for my self, push myself. All good qualities right? Well, yeah, except when you fail your own expectations, slip up a little or don't meet a certain goal. I critique myself constantly. If I get frustrated and raise my voice at one of my boys. I could probably just slap a big ole' worst mom of the year award on my chest and cry. In my own opinion of course. My intentions are always better than my actions. I was singing this last Sunday in the church choir and as I'm looking out in the congregation, I see my oldest sitting with and older lady who has alzheimers sharing a hymn book, my middle son befriending two little girls who were new, but a little to shy to go into the nursery. (Now, this might be slightly because he really wants a little sister. Another day, another story.) Now I didn't tell him too befriend those little girls, or my oldest to comfort that elderly woman. Truth is when the oldest realized our head usher was absent they motioned to each other and he stepped up to help take the offerring. What a sweet spirit and a willingness to serve, all the things I want them to do, if I sit back and watch they really are getting it. So, in that I had a small revelation. I really need to get over the few bad days I have had as compared to the multiple good days. I need to realize, I'm human, I make mistakes just like everyone else. I need to focus on the accomplishments more than the negative. Like, everytime I hear my Nolan read I delight in the fact that I taught him how to do that! No school, me and to top that, he is my best reader! I made a sort of bucket list of things I wanted teach the boys over the summer. Well, I have accomplished every goal except them learning how to ride their bikes without training wheels. (We live on a highway, with a gravel driveway, so we have to load up bikes and go elsewhere) As, Im thinking about all the positive things our greastest feat, was me teaching my boys to swim! Again, no swim school, me, my hubby and a little hard work and dedication. We bought a small 3ft pool and the boys have been working at it all summer. My oldest and middle son are swimming, like head down in the water swimming! My youngest isn't swimming yet but hes kicking and now putting his face in the water and holding his breathfor three seconds, super proud of that for my three year old. To top it off, we go out to eat at a local resturaunt, where we are well remembered. Lol. In talking the cashier ask my oldest about homeschooling. He is steady answering her questions, when she gets to the one about Do you like being homeschooled? (of course I'm all ears, especially with him. He has been in both public school too) He tells her, his words, he loves it and then starts listing what all he has learned about, all the field trips we have taken. You, know at that moment I could'nt be more happy. My boys are happy, healthy, and thriving. What do I possibly have to beat my self up about? Nothing but small matters that are probably just Satan getting in the way and trying to steal my joy!  Happy reading yall hope I am of some encouragement to you all too.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why do I do what I do??

Just this week I went to get my haircut, and of course small talk always leads to questions about the boys then on to homeschooling. You, know that famous question we all get asked, You homeschool? How does that work? Do you actually have books and stuff? Then after answering these questions, you always get the, you must be really patient, or that's hard work, followed by the Oh, I could never do that. Lol. Well, truth is I'm not always patient, I lose my cool sometimes, I am by no means perfect. I am just simply doing what I feel is best for my family just like any other mother. Is it hard work, yes absolutely. I am with my boys 24/7 (exception being work) More than hard work in the schooling aspect of it. I believe it's a tremendous weight we carry as homeschooling mothers. I don't know about you, but I have constant concerns, am I doing the right thing, teaching the right way, what about high school, can I do that too? Can they still go to college? Truth is we have really good public schools here. We live in the "Bible belt" of America, so our little town still holds good morals and values, as of right now at least. (Im not kidding myself by any means) It would be so easy to send my boys to school. Easy isn't always right. So, after the small talk with the hair dresser and being down on myself last year, I'm started thinking, why do I homeschool. Why do I think it's best? So here are my handful of reasons...(not in any specific order)
1. More family time.
2. Teaching them about God in their studies.
3. One on one teaching. (had a struggling reader,huge benefit.)
4. Implementing morals, values, manners, etc...
5. I can teach better than the school system. (Let me clarify, not the teachers, the system. I know my children's strenghts and weaknesses better than anyone else)
6. Probably one of my most important, I want my boys to have a real love for learning.
7. I know exactly what they are learning, choices they are making, struggles they are having...and can better guide them thru lifes obstacles.

I'm sure I could go on and on, but ultimately God laid it on my heart to homeschool, and opened up doors for my husband and I to do his will. My boys are trying at times but I would'nt trade being able to be with them, watch them learn and grow and develop into well rounded little men. What are your reasons for homeschooling? What else can you add to my list?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Quack Attack!

Tried posting this last week and for whatever reason it didn't go. So, here Iam again. Lol. Well, last week we finally had a nice luke warm day with the hubby off work, and three little boys cooped up in the house due to excess rain in the middle of July. The rain was a real blessing. My husband said he had been praying for rain the whole week before. ( His job is determined by the weather, so rain means more work, more play money. :) At, least in my eyes.) It's a little crazy to think God would make it rain for just one person. Infact we both snickered at that idea at first, but really why do we limit God. If he can do all things like the Bible says, and he hears all prayers and knows each one of us and the exact number of hairs on our head, then isn't he perfectly capable of hearing one man's prayer and doing something as incredible as making it rain just for them? I believe so, I believe it's no accident that it rained for three days on and off, with the down pours directly over our area and the surrounding cities my husband works. The storms would grow and then immeadiately dissapate. Think what you want, but I think God did that. When we ourselves limit God's abilites I believe we miss out on some of what could be our greastest blessings. Anyway back to our nice day out with the fam we took a little road trip to the neighboring town and shopped a little, and went to the park ready to feed the ducks and play. Well, the ducks were hungry and waiting that's for sure. We barely got out of the car before they were really gaining on us. Lol. My oldest jumped uptop a post, (smarty pants) Nolan, was tossing bread as he was running so they could'nt catch up and my youngest was next to my hubby backed up to the car. Me, well standing in the middle of ducks in an ant pile, no bread, and trying to take pics. Man, sometimes I wish I could just be a bystander to my own crazy family. It'd be worth a laugh for sure. Oh well memories made.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Curriculum woes...

This is now going to be our fourth year homeschooling, so I'm starting to feel a little more confident venturing out to new curriculum and even creating my own lesson plans. Since we have started we have only ever used Abeka. I love Abeka (especially for beginning readers) but, it is also getting very expensive and tedious. I am still a working mom too, so I sometimes need them to be able to be more independent in their studies while I need sleep and am in my zombie sleep deprived mode from working night shift. Lol. With Abeka, if you get behind even a little it is to hard to catch up and leaves us all frustrated. I am also having to re-evaluate our math. My oldest is great in math but he moves so quickly grasping the concept he doesn't remember later what he's learned and we have to go back in remaster them again. It's time consuming and frustrating. my other child math is not his strong subject so he needs more help in this area. He is also a very hands on learner so the workbooks don't work for him as well as manipulatives do. I am leaning toward Christian Liberty for most of their stuff this year. Keeping Abeka for phonics, language, and extra readers.  I also still need to do Texas history with the both of them as its not in our general curriculum. I did find a website that has many units studies for free I'm going to start with that and go from there, and probably just utilize our library. Any ideas, What did you use to teach your kids your States history?
On another note the plants that we planted are now sprouting so I guess the boys have a better green thumb than I do. Haha. We are just having some summer fun taking it easy, I've been working with the three year old on learning letters and sounds because he is just now starting to show some interest he finally knows how to write his name, super proud of that! Going to try to incorporate more things for him to do this year. This is where it gets tricky because now I'm starting to have to teach 3 instead of 2, and the youngest always need more hands-on learning. Thats the joy of homeschooling though, you have all day to accomplish something and when the days done there's always tomorrow. I've also been trying to plan field trips for this year I have several ideas that I would like to do with them. Super pumped this year. Last year after January we kind of all got in a slump and we're just doing what we needed to do to get by. It happens. I finally found my renergized spirit and I'm ready to go! Leave me a comment, so I know you stopped by.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Green thumbs and lice oh my...

Well, we are full swing into summer, with a little schooling here and there, reading, and some hands on projects. This week we planted some veggies and painted our flower pots, a liitle late but still we planted cucumber, peppers and tomatoes. Now I definietly have no green thumb so this is all about the boys! Lol. Love how homeschooling is alot of trial and error as you go and sometimes I learn just as much as they do. After the three yr old waschecking his plant for the fourth time in one day to see if it was growing, we had a good lesson on patience. Lol. So I have to add this, it's worth laughing at my expense. I know we all have moments where our kids do the most humiliating things to us in public. Well my Nolan has been real into wearing baseball hats, so here we are in the middle of a very crowded McDonald's I took a seat with the boys while hubby is ordering food, my Nolan ask if he can take his ball cap off and of course I say yes, he then proceeds to put it on the table. No biggie right? Little brother grabs his hat and puts it on, Nolan freaks grabs it back and yells "No, Timmmy I have lice." Other people turn and look at us, so I gently but loud enough for others to hear explain, No you don't have lice, it's not like germs or cooties .I tell you don't put on other people's hats so you don't get lice! Lol. I could have died. Nothing like a spur of the moment lesson on lice at the dinner table!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Freedom and Fireworks

Howdy again, hope you all have had a great fourth of July. We most certainly did. I was a little bummed at first, I was finally off this holiday and yet it seemed everyone was doing fireworks over the weekend, which I had to work. Fortunately we found a fireworks show near by. So, we started our afternoon with my hubby grilling out at his grandparents for the fam, then later that night we took the boys to see some fireworks. Lets just say they loved it. Maybe a little too much. My three year old informed us that the crackling sound some fireworks make sounds like there farting. lol. So the whole time were watching the show the boys are cracking up and giggling, ohh, that one farted, ohh that one too. Geez, can't help but wonder what any innocent bystanders thought? Oh, that's my life. So thankful to God for my freedom to worship him, to live in America, to homeschool my boys, or better yet my freedom to just laugh with them over the small humorous things like "farting fireworks.". I am blessed more than I can imagine. Ps: I know my spelling and punctuation is off, it's early in the morning, been up all night and typing from my phone, I promise I teach my kids better than my typing. lol. Sorry y'all. Peace for now.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vbs 2013 "Fruity Farms"

A little late, ok like two weeks late posting, but hey at least I'm here right? Well vbs turned out great. For those of you who don't know, we belong to a very small church. It is steady growing but still small. This is the first vbs held at this church in quite sometime, so a blessing in itself that we even managed to pull off a vbs sucessfully. We had six children total. Not alot but hey you have to start somewhere right? I was blessed with the oppurtunity to coordinate the whole thing. We themed it "Fruity Farms" and taught the fruits of the spirit. My boys are still singing the songs. Yes, and my hubby too. The other day were stuck in a traffic jam when my hubby breaks out in tune "be patient, be patient, don't be in such a hurry, God says be patient there's no reason to worry..." lol. So we all learned something, like when my hubbys's mower broke in the middle of mowing and lets just say he was a little frustrated when he got home, so he slammed the door, kicked off his shoes and vented to me about it. As he calmed down and sat on the couch next two Timothy (the 3 yr old) Timothy says, "Daddy, you need some self control!" lol. Gotta love when your own children put things in perspective for you. Lesson learned for us adults, the little ones watch our actions more than I sometimes realize, so the more I teach them about how to be good little men of God, Hubby and I better model that same behavior. Wow.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Finding a schedule & sticking to it!

Oh..the schedule. How I love to hate you. lol. Let me start I do like schedules and when you hs it is a must, but when you work as well it's hard to plan the same routine every day. So I came up with this brilliant plan. I have a poster board with the times listed out and velcro for each hour/thirty minutes.Each child has a row and for each time I can velcro different activities so while the two oldest might say computer games the youngest may say writing Abc's with mommy. I can switch them up so days I need to rest for work I can give them coresponding activites. We also have chore cards morning evening and afternnon with thier daily needs like brushing your teeth reading your Bible, well as each child's actual chores like clean room, sweep, vacuum etc. So far so good we are doing this through the summer and it has given some constructive time to wipe out the boredom, movie time, wii games, arts& craft, some educational games, swim time, those are just a few. Limits the game time too! :) Huge plus.With that instead of nagging my boys about manners and constantly reminding them, I decided we would name the dqys of the week and focus on a good charater trait or just general good behavior and they can earn 5¢ a day for acceptable behavior. ( I know 5¢ is not alot but it is motivation and I must admit I'm not fond of giving rewards for expected behavior, at the same time my hubby brought up the point that God blesses us when we do right, so some rewards are ok.) Our days are as follows... Manners Monday, Teaching Tuesday (helper day) no whining Wed, thoughtful Thursday, and Free Friday, Silly Saturday and spiritual Sunday. So far the boys love it. I just have to remember to update the schdule each night. ;) My oldest loves knowing what the plan is for the day and my other two have to have routine and structure otherwise this momma will pull her hair out for sure. lol. I also put exercise with Mom on the schedule, and it is keeping me accountable too. Who knew?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Ok. So here I'am after some convincing from friends and family and wanting to document my journey through homeschooling. Im starting my own blog. This should be fun. Please don't judge my punctuation and bear with me. Im new in this world. lol. Well here's the low down I am a nurse and a mother to three little guys, Taylor 10, Nolan 7 and Timothy 3. oh well and the hubby right? I work part time, because I have an awesome husband who loves and supports me because my one true love is being a stay at home mommy. I love my boys and after a little time in the public school system and alot of prayer, we took a big leap of faith and put our children's education back in our hands. Kinda where I feel God really wants it anyway. You know train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he won't depart from it? So anyway. We our going into our fourth year of homeschooling. 5th grade, 2nd grade and pre-k here we come. Im must admit Im a little nervous as always at this time, I want to try some new thing this year. I love learning with my boys but the pre-ordering organizing, gets me queasy a little. In the back of my head I always know...I am responsible for my child's education and I can't screw it up. It's not like you get a do over, it's a one time thing. I want to feel like I have done everything and given my children every oppurtunity to suceed. II hope you enjoy reading these post. I hope to become connected with other homeschoolers and learn new thing as this world is ever changing. Thanks for reading. More to come. I hope to post funnies,tibits, advice, scripture or anything else thats comes my way during my exiting never a dull moment life with three rowdy boys. Tata for now. :)