Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October days...

Sorry, I know it has been awhile since I last posted, not sure how much is about homeschooling in this post, but I'll just update you on how our October days have been. Well we celebrated two birthdays, I now have an eleven year old and a eight year old. We spent the day at Chuck e Cheese celebrating. I am so proud of my boys in watching the young men they are turning into. I'm so blessed I'm speechless. Now I need to work on that three year old. Lol. He's the baby and a little too spoiled by everyone. Anyway, Nolan finished his baseball season. They placed 3rd in their tournament. Super proud, though I will say we had a ump make a call and then the home plate ump changed the call after the other teams coach whined about it, that call cost us the game, and essentially kept us from placing 1st. Hard "life's not fair" lesson for seven yr old boys to understand. Still though they lost by one run to a select team. Our boys worked so hard, it especially has been fun watching my child learn his position (1st base) grow, and put his whole heart into competing. Believe me his uniform shows every bit of dirt from slides into home plate to grass stains chasing balls, a dent in his bat proves his multiple homeruns. For all the times he looses focus during school time, I now know the incredible focus he is capable of and the limits he can be pushed and still succeed. Taylor plays in the spring, hopefully his newest friend is going to play on his team. I never believed their was another kid who knew and loved baseball as much as he did. I believe he has met his match or his mini me one. Either way it is total joy watching him build friendships. On another note Taylor is flying thru his Bible class at Church, he is memorizing scripture, studying, all the time without being asked, his teacher told me how impressed they all are with him. :) These last few months I can honestly say I can see real positive growth in him. I believe he is gaining confidence in his own self and is really letting his best qualities shine, I'm trying not to hold my breath, I know hormones and teen yrs are just around the corner. Nolan is blossoming too, I have seen a more tender hearted side of him lately too, caring for his brother who was sick yesterday to making sure after the line drive he hit in baseball that hit the pitcher in the back of the head was ok after the game and praying for that boy that evening. I'm loving it all. Not to forget little Timothy, he had his first real play date with a friend from church. They had such a good time we played at McDonald's for over two hours. I know he tags along a lot with his brother's so it's nice to throw in some special time just for him. Well lunch is over so back to work I go....promise I'll try not to wait so long before I post again.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Do my kid's love homeschooling?

I was talking to one of the mom's at my son's baseball game, and she told me she was homeschooled. I have to say I have met several people who homeschool but none that had actually been homeschooled themselves. Amazingly enough she also was schooled with the same curriculum up till high school. I haven't got the chance to hear her full story but I do know she loved homeschooling and wanted to homeschool her children too. She didn't only because her husband wasn't on board. Respectfully, if I know anything about homeschooling, I know I wouldn't dare do it without my husband's support. This lady is one of the sweetest on the team, kind of quiet, polite, not all in the "drama, have to be seen attitude that most mom's on our team seem to have." Just a real joy to be around, her boy on the team...cutest thing ever, so polite and we'll mannered. Should have known. Lol. Well, talking with her really got me thinking...what will my kid's think about homeschooling when there older? Will they homeschool their own children? Will they regret it? Feel deprived? Not that I'm going to change my mind, depending on what I think, just curious in general. I read some recent studies where something like 92% of homeschoolers were glad they were homeschooled. (Pic below) Right now my boys love it, I do always try to ask not that I would stop homeschooling but if it were, I want more friends, want to play an instrument, or something, I can always accommodate for those things so they are happy and I'm happy. I love the close family bond we have with each other I always try to be open that the boys can voice their opinions and have a say in what goes on as much as possible. I found some other stats that I already knew, but still wanted to share. A bit of encouragement if you will. Happy reading.