Saturday, September 28, 2013

My hubby "The Coach"

I have to admit, this homeschool stuff is a little trial and error sometimes. I decided to back track a little with Taylor in math, this year. He was using Abeka, which many know, is known for being a little more advanced. Taylor did well, with it, he seemed to grasp the concepts quickly, but he wouldn't remember them. It started causing a lot of frustration for me and him. So this year I really wanted to take things slow, and really master the skills then rushing through, just to stay on track. So far, it is going really good. So good, that I'm thinking, this is too easy, and maybe this wasn't the best decision. I had been pondering this in my head, wondering if this was the right move or not. So, later this evening, after Nolan's baseball practice the hubby and I were talking. He comments, "I think the other coaches are finally starting to see what I'm talking about." Me, nodding, (as if I was really paying attention with a three year old playing in every dirt pile he can find and a ten year old running all over the ball fields with his new found friend.) He continues talking, "the little boys like to swing at high pitches, if the coach will pitch it at chest-neck level they hit it every time. Apparently, they had a healthy debate with old school grandpa coach, replying "yeah, but they need to learn to hit the low ones too," my hubby continues on, "See, first you gotta pitch it where they like it as they build their confidence in batting and getting hits, they'll will swing at the other stuff. If you always make them swing and they always miss, they are just going to be discouraged and not swing as much".Hmmm, all ears just what I needed to hear. The little light bulb went on in my head, lol. That's what I need to keep doing with Taylor, build his confidence in his math so as it gets harder, he will be less frustrated and more confident to try new concepts. Thanks hubby, or should I say coach! :-)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bragging a little. Don't mind me.

Well, fall ball is in full swing and this is the first year for my seven year old to play baseball on a team. I knew he had his Dad's athletic ability, but I never dreamed how much. Wow, I mean let me tell you this kid is amazing! He has been playing first base, he has only missed about two balls that have come his way, already hit two home runs,  several singles and doubles,it's crazy. The coaches love him. He was told he could play on a select team. We aren't going to let him, but we will be bumping him up an age bracket straight to kid pitch. He already has a good fastball for his age too. Not sure if he would pitch yet though. In the mix of all this, my husband accidentally called our oldest son's coach and in talking he really would like to have him on the team too. We talked to the boys about them possibly playing on the same team, and they both loved the idea. (I was concerned about a little jealousy.) Not, sure if we will do it or not, but we are giving it some serious thought. My oldest is a good player, but he has my athletic ability, which is so/so. He can be a good player but it does not come naturally to him.

I do have to brag on him too though, are baseball fields are volunteer run, so they are not the best, cleanest fields. It's sad for the boys really, they look forward to playing in other towns then playing at their own home field. So My oldest was bored during practice and I suggested to him to maybe pick up some of the litter. So I'm sitting on the bleachers talking with the mom's giving my whole " We homes school spill" I was desperately trying to avoid. And one of the mom's says, is that your son? Of course I look over and he is steady cleaning up the trash. Then, I get the comments like, "you should be so proud." "My son would never do that," or "Can I send my kids home with you?" Y'all I'm really not trying to brag, my kid's are not perfect but in that moment, it was all I could do to not gleam on the inside, not to mention, my other son with the constant yes sir's to the coach, apparently no one says that any more. I have to say we have our day's but, I couldn't be more proud of them. Yes, we go against the grain, yes we stand out at times, but I'm perfectly happy with being the odd ball, if these are the results I get. Love, love, love, my boys.