Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Love Homeschooling

I believe I've done this before, but seeing as statistics supposedly say most Homeschoolers feel like quitting in the months of November and February. I thought I'd  write my list of reasons why I love homeschooling. I must say this year is probably the first year I haven't faced a "burn out" around this time, but from previous experience when I start feeling that way, I try to go back to those core reasons why we began our homeschooling journey and what I absolutely love about it. So with that being said, here's my own compiled list of why we love homeschooling.

1. Biblical Teaching
I love that I can teach my children with a Biblical faith based foundation that public school doesn't offer.

2. We learn at our own pace.
Grasp a concept, Great! Lets move on, no waiting for 30 other children to grasp it before moving on. If we are struggling with a concept, we can spend as long as we need to until it's mastered.

3. More family time.
Yes, even though somedays they drive me absolutely Nuts! I love spending time with them, it's so nice when Dad has a day off we can all hang out together, field trip as a family, or just enjoy each other's presence.

4. Flexibility
We can school when it's best for us. For instance I school my youngest in the afternoon, so I can give attention to my older two in the morning. My oldest will start the harder subjects first where as my middle son will put his off till last, and you know what....That's perfectly Ok!

5. We get perks.
Oh, you know when all the other kids are in school. We can go places mid day with less of a crowd, take our time, etc... Nothing like taking vacations the week school starts for most children, and you have free roam, no lines, and a little more freedom. Not to mention mid week discounts!

6. Sleep
Yes! I said it sleep. We can sleep in if we want. I'm just starting to realize the importance of this, as my oldest is a pre teen, I'm learning as they grow through the teen yrs they truly do need more sleep. Its a growth and development thing not necessarily a lazy teen thing. In fact, there has been a lot of talk reccently of pushing high school time back an hour so school kids can get adequate amounts of sleep. Not to mention well rested kids equal happy kids, and c'mon we all know any one with recurrent lack of sleep, is a grump and not exactly who you probably want to hang around all day.

7. I get my kids during the best time.
What fun is it to have sleepy, groggy kids your shoving out the door in the morning and when they return, they're wore out and tired only to be bombarded with homework, dinner, shower, and bedtime? Nope, see I get to share a cup of hot chocolate in the morning, have discussions over lunch, free time to cuddle and no stressful nights of homework. Just good quality evenings of more family time. I love that!

8. I can see them thrive.
I get to teach them, watch them grow, help them in their struggles, and generally be there through all their ups and downs.

9. I know what they're doing.
Call me over protective, I don't care. I love knowing who my children's friends are, who their parents are, what interest they share, and what influence they have on each other. So far I couldn't be more pleased with the group of friends they have. In today's world its refreshing to know who they're running with and that they're in good hands with another parent.

10. Health
I have a say in what they eat. Though I will say, this healthy eating thing is an area of weakness for us, it's nice to know ultimately it's up to my discretion what's served. No, nasty lunches that children only eat three bites of just to come home at the end of the day starving. Oh and no sending them pointless lunch money I might add!

Time, truth is time is precious, we can't buy more of it, can't trade it in or get it back. We have to use it wisely. Our children will only be small for a short time. This is the last year before I officially will be raising a teenager and I already am trying to figure out where that time went. I want to cherish this time while they're small. I want to soak up the hugs and kisses. Laugh with them, play with them, never be so busy I miss it. We all know we aren't promised tommorrow, so we must make every second count.