Wednesday, October 29, 2014

As if we didn't already know, here's some proof..

I love Stats especially ones that back up homeschooling, as if there are any that don't??? I have yet to find any truly negative stats. Opinions but no facts.Lol. I guess with having a sixth grader and looking ahead to high school, which I really never thought I'd continue to homeschool through....looks more and more like I probably will be, so when I read stats saying... homeschool kids are more likely to enroll in college, more likely to complete college, more likely to make a decent income, more likely to vote, be more involved in their communities, more likely to not be on welfare, it totally excites me. I found these stats as well, thought I'd share..

In this link: Once almost unheard-of and usually relegated to the province of educational quackery and political or religious radicalism, the homeschooling movement has in the last few years blossomed into a serious educational option. A recent study by the National Home Education Research Institute and the Homeschool Legal Defense Association demonstrates just how serious an alternative it has become. Conducted by researcher Dr. Brian D. Ray, the report made a number of startling finds:

The number of students being homeschooled across the nation is between 1,103,000 and 1,348,000.

The total number of homeschoolers equals the public school enrollments of the states of Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyomingcombined.

Homeschoolers outperform public school students by 30 to 37 percentile points on all subjects on standardized achievement tests.Whether the parents ever held a teaching certificate had virtually no impact on student scores. 

Even homeschooled students whose mothers never finished high school scored 55 percentile points higher than public school students in similar circumstances.

Homeschoolers scored between the 82nd and 92nd percentiles regardless of their families’ incomes.

Students scored at the 86th percentile whether states imposed strict or minimal regulations.

Homeschooling parents pay an average of $546 per year, whereas the average per-pupil expenditure by public schools is $5,325, excluding all capital costs.

Homeschoolers’ test scores tend to increase the longer they are homeschooled, going from the 59th percentile for those who have been homeschooled for one year to the 92nd percentile for those who have been homeschooled for seven years.

More than half (53 percent) of all homeschoolers visit a library at least once or twice a month; 38 percent of them make three to five visits a month.

The average homeschooled child is involved in 5.2 community activities, such as volunteer work, classes outside the home, group sports, and church.

An astounding 98 percent are involved in two or more activities.

Only six percent of homeschoolers, in contrast to 62 percent of public school students, watch three hours or more of television each day.

About 61 percent of homeschoolers are in grades K-6, more than 18 percent are in grades 7-8, and almost 20 percent are in grades 9-12.

Three percent of homeschooling parents intend to continue doing so through grade 6 or less; 89 percent plan to homeschool through grade 12.

In short, homeschooling not only works, but is helping to erode the public school monopoly. The more this message gets out, the more serious will become the homeschooling option.

—Dennis L. Peterson

A copy of the complete study, Strengths of Their Own—Home Schoolers Across America: Academic Achievement, Family Characteristics, and Longitudinal Traits, may be obtained from the National Home Education Research Institute, P. O. Box 13939, Salem, Oregon 97309, (503) 364-1490.

Nerf Wars Birthday Party!

Welp, my two oldest have birthdays in the same week so decided we'd try a nerf wars birthday party this year, ya know because a 12yr old is to cool for anything else, but not old enough either...hmm. Well after collecting cardboard for over a month and a lot of extra help from my Mom, we pulled it off. Could not have asked for better weather. We had several boys and even some preteen girls....I know, I know, already! We all dressed in camo, team color bandanas, and shades, yep, even us adults got in on the action. We warred against teams, parents vs. Kids, and boys vs. girls. Topped it off with cake ice cream and other goodies. The boys had a great time and contrary to the invite they recieved several gifts, money, and gift cards. Now time to get them working on those thank you cards. Posted some pics...

General update.

Don't  think I've spoke much about how school is going this year, especially science. It seems to be everybody's favorite lately...well maybe not the little one. I can truly admit, never dreamed I'd have fun teaching chemistry, but I'm totally enjoying it. We've done several experiments from buoyancy, density, legos as atoms, and our last we made hydrogen and oxygen atoms using candy to represent all the electrons, well Timothy my four yr old wanted in on the fun, I knew it would be over his head but none the less he joined in. He was perfectly fine until he tried to eat the candy with glue on it. lol. When I  told him no, my response from him was something like this...
Him: "well, well, this is no good. Why are we just wasting all the candy?"
Me:" I have candy left for us when we finish."
Him:"We are wasting perfectly good candy mom, and all your doing is just reading,reading, reading. ..ugh"
Me: "You don't have to do this experiment if you don't want too..."
Him:(starting to cry)" This is supposed to be fun, but this is no good science experiment....(pouting) just wasting candy." he walks off.

Have to admit this was one meltdown at the kitchen table homeschooling that was more humorous than most. Kinda felt bad for my little guy, and my smiles and laughter from the other two were just really upsetting him more and more. Oh, and yes I did give him his left over candy. lol.

We are full swing into guitar lessons as well, and I have heard the first line to jingle bells more times than I want to admit. I'm thankful though as they are practicing now for their Christmas concert its been really rewarding watching them learn to play.

Timothy is excelling with his schooling, infact he's sounding out home, in the store, wherever, and asking a thousand questions. He amazes me in math because at four he adds in his head. Its so weird to me he doesn't use the pictures in his work book, for instance two fish plus a picture of three more fish and then normally a child will count them to get the total, he does it in his head and just rights the answer. I will say it has me a bit scared. I know my other two children's learning styles but this is different than either of them. He's going to be a fun one to teach in the future that's for sure. 

Happy reading yall.