Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Update, #2 So sorry y'all...

Okay Dad! Here's for you. ;)

I know, I did I get so behind?

Hmm...well, starting where I left off, my oldest completed his volunteer work at the zoo. He had a great time, made a lot of friends and learned a bit too. I snuck around snapping some pics, he looked so grown up working and talking with Zoo visitors. In fact in his evaluation at the end of his semester, one of his best qualities they admired was his ability to talk with guest. (But, I thought homeschoolers weren't socialized?? just saying)

My middle son played his baseball season, and guess where he ended up? Pitcher's mound! A little aprehensive at first, but after his first game, several strikeouts he was really felling that position, did a heck of a job too. Unfortunately they never did pull off a win, but's the first year of kid pitch, it's what we consider a learning year. I'm most impressed with his ability to lead. A quality of him I hadn't picked up on before. On the field, sometimes I feel like I'm watching someone else's child. He is focused, determined, and constantly encouraging the others in games and practice. The coach even made mention of him and his leadership qualities, but where my heart strings tugged, is when he comes home and says "I sure wish so and so could get a hit." See, he knows he will hit, make plays, get points on the board, he knows what that feels like. He craves for the others on his team to get that same rush. His addtitude on the field is definitely humbling to watch.

As for my not so little guy, he is just living life. Learning, growing, and keeping me running. I'm still trying to figure him out. He loves robots, legos, and building things. I've tried to get him in sports. I think I've just realized, sports are not his thing. Either way, he's just happy playing in the dirt at the ball fields, not a care in the world.

I think that sums up some, I am going to try to do better. No promises, but I do intend to try.