Sunday, April 13, 2014

2014 Awana Bible Quiz

Wow, I knew it had been awhile since I last blogged but two months! Sorry!! :( Well, I just wanted to talk about my oldest for a minute. Not sure how many know what AWANA is, but its what several churches use as their curriculum/program for childrens Bible study. Most churches usually do it on Wednesday night or Sunday evening. It stands for approved workmen are not ashamed. They have a system of completing Biblical applications and scripture memoriziation, as they complete them along with other task they earn awards and badges. Each year they hold events for all chuches in the area to come together and compete in what they have learned throughout the year. You compete on teams of 2-4 people in three different parts. Speed drills where you have a buzzer and you have to chime in the fastest to answer the question correctly. A multiple choice on teams, where you raise a paddle with the correct answer, and a written 20 question exam. Each section of the trivia is worth so many points. So this year our church put two groups together and went to compete for the first time. 

We figured one of our teams placed but we thought probably third or fourth. It's hard to know how exactly you place until awards ceremony at the end. So during the ceremony they called fourth, third, then second, and in my head Im thinking okay we must have gotten beat out somewhere. Nope They called us First Place!! Of course we all jumped up and cheered, almost broke my phone in my lap. Hehe. So proud! My son also recieved a medal for placing a high score on his written exam.

All our kids did so well, I was so proud they even took the time to do it. There were at least 600+ kids divided into six groups dependent on the book they were quizzing over all from the DFW area, I'm not sure about how many actual Churches were there, but you know in the whole scheme of things my son sacrificed a baseball game willingly and put in an extra hour every sunday for the past 5-6weeks just to prepare, along with studying at home.

Above all I absolutely loved getting that opportunity to teach those two most important lessons, hard work pays off, and rememering to put God first in your life.(pics to come when Im not mobile)