Thursday, February 26, 2015

Belated update.

So, I've been REALLY negligent in keeping up with my blog, I'm trying y'all. It's a struggle, none the less Im still here. So what's new you ask?? Well, my oldest after a little hard work, and an interview was selected to be a junior zookeeper at our local zoo. He works 4 1/2 hrs once a week. Totally bummed though his first official day was cancelled due to snow. :/ hope to update soon, on his new adventure. My middle son is all signed up getting ready to play baseball again, new league and he begins kid pitch this year. Though he is perfectly content not pitching. He just wants to play his same position at first. We shall see... My youngest boy is actually reading and sounding out words now. He is just amazing to teach, he catches on so quickly, we have already started in is kindergarten workbooks, I was going to wait, but he was so bored I had to. I actually dont like to push them up grades. Id rather them be confident and have a complete grasp of the concept, amazingly enough, some kids just grasp it quicker than I expect. He is making huge strides, as well as my oldest who has just started seventh grade math (pre algebra) I believe he was more than ready as well too.